Live Like You Mean It

I awake each morning to a royal palm tree outside my window in the deepest sense of gratitude I’ve ever experienced. So long as I can see that tree and the rays of sunshine filtering through my windows, I know the day will be clear and bright.

The funniest part of all is that I moved with very few things. I left everything stored in NYC not knowing where I would land or what exactly I would need. I’ve used empty packing boxes to fashion a temporary dresser, a coffee table and an entry table. I’ve borrowed a chair, a small table and some kitchen items from friends’ garages. I’m starting each day in a closet filled with approximately one tenth of my personal wardrobe — and to borrow from Porgy’s rendition of Summertime — the livin’ is easy.

I’ve lived all my adult life in relatively small spaces. I’ve lived in and out of suitcases and on and off of airplanes for years. Yet, I was SHOCKED to acknowledge that I had amassed a lifetime of “things” after 19 years in the same NYC apartment. It happens. Life happens.

One thing I know for sure – how we do one thing is how we do everything. If my home is cluttered, my office is cluttered, my brain is cluttered, my life is cluttered and my future is dim.

My self image begins inside of me with a clear, bright view of everything inside and out. When my “self” is clear, my home is clear, my office is clear, my brain is clear, my life is clear and my future is clear and bright.

Through the process of purging, moving, lightening my load, I’ve (re)discovered a genuine lightness of being deep inside myself. There’s suddenly more meaning for me in the phrase I’ve often used regarding the value of owning fewer quality garments and belongings in general — more isn’t better, it’s just more. In this case, less is more – more meaning, more clarity, more open space for the sunshine to fill.

What about you? Have you left enough space in your head, your heart, your day-to-day being for the sunshine to fill you up? Would it brighten your image of your self to unload some of the “things” that no longer serve you? If you could start in your closet and purge some of those demons that clutter your world each day, would that help?

If this would be a help to you, I’d be happy to share my Who’s Living in Your Closet – Shop Your Closet and Take Back Your Life – Activity Guide. Simply respond to this post and I’ll send you the link.

I always love to hear from you.

Until next time, be nice to your self,