The Many Flavors of the Month

Perhaps it’s the change of seasons that is delivering so many disconnected, fabulous experiences to my door. Or, perhaps I’m opening up in a new way to discovery and delight. Whatever it is, I like it. It’s only mid-month and I’m laughing at the realization that the three things I’m going to share here have only me as the common denominator. Feel free to chime in anytime. I think it’s funny.

Early this month I had my first experience with a lovely South African woman named Elmarie. I found her while traveling down one of my internet worm holes. You know, click here, click here, click there and there she was. Elmarie provides Electrotherapy for body sculpting and fitness. I was having one of those “Sure, I’ll try anything once” moments. So, I did. While I can’t say it was “fun,” I can say it was new, interesting and made a difference. My muscles were stronger, my skin was tighter and I felt good. I did five treatments total. The electrode treatments even had an unexpected yet welcome positive impact on my neck and back pain. You can check her out here.

What fabulous discovery have you made while traveling down an internet worm hole? Do share.

Next, I baked pupcakes. Yes, I did. No, that is not a typ-o. I baked gluten-free cupcakes that look like dogs — pupcakes! Use whatever recipe you prefer as the cupcake. It’s the decorating and the extreme cuteness that will cause you to break out in full-form laughter interrupting your conversations on completely unrelated topics for days to come. I promise. Take a look for yourself.

Have you ever created something that provided full-on fun and laugh-out-loud memories for days or years to come? Please send those along, We’d love to know.

And, as if the electrotherapy and pupcakes were not enough to fill me up for the entire month, here you go…I drove the electric Tesla roadster from ZERO to 104 in seven SECONDS!!! Yup. I DID! And, I loved it! I won’t tell you where (highway patrol reads this blog, too.) I will tell you that even I was surprised to see I had no moment of panic or need to take my foot off the pedal. It was SUPER COOL! Check out the amazing company that is building electric filling stations for these cars across the country and, I might add, is doing it brilliantly. They’ve got great vision and super leadership. Check them out here.

It’s been a rockin’ March so far. I hope it’s been all kinds of wonderful for you , too.

What’s new in your world? You know I love to hear from you.

Until next time, be nice to your self,


Talking About Love

When we think about February, our minds go immediately to Valentine’s Day. Right? You’re thinking one of two things: “I’m so in love and I want to make this the most romantic day/eve of the year so far,” or “Oh, no! Is it Valentine’s Day again?”

When I think of love, I think of the many amazing relationships in my life today – incredible friends, beyond incredible family. And, I think of those who have come before to help me become the person I am today. I’m so grateful to every single one. You know who you are.

I remember standing on a wooden stool in my grandfather’s pharmacy, barely tall enough to reach the cash register, as he showed me how to make change for a customer purchase. By the time I was seven, he paid me “one of each” — one penny, one nickel, one dime and one quarter — $.41 for a day’s work. In the years to come, I learned what it meant to be an independent business owner as I watched my grandfather manage employee issues, interview, hire, fire, care for customer needs, provide special services and always go above and beyond.

I counted inventory, arranged and rearranged items on the shelves, wrapped gifts (my personal fave) and filled in the candy stand. “These are skills you will use forever, no matter what you choose to do,” he would tell me. He was right. Our close relationship and everything I learned from watching and doing provided a foundation for my future in business.

My grandfather is one example of a Propeller in my life. Your propellers are those people whose ideas, encouragement and example moved you in some significant way toward the achievement of your dreams and, ultimately, your personal best. Propellers are a lot like your “Magic Outfits.” They serve you. They make you strong. They inspire and support you. When you’re with them, you know everything is possible. With them by your side     in-person or in-spirit, your very best qualities come shining through.

Perhaps, this is the perfect time to re-frame the meaning of Valentine’s Day. Just perhaps, now is the perfect time to celebrate the love and gratitude you have deep inside for those special people who have propelled you to your very best. Fall in love with them and yourself, today!

Who propelled you to where you are today? Who propels you today into your future?

You know I love to hear from you.

Until next time, be nice to your self,