You Are The Occasion

As I unpacked the individual items from each of many boxes, I heard myself saying, “Wow! I love this! Where should I put it? Where will I reach for it easily and use it often?” Having made my last of three moves in less than one year, I am finally fully unpacked and happily able to find those special things that bring me joy…the citrus juicer from the family soda fountain c1956, the can opener my parents received as an engagement gift, my grandmother’s beaded evening bag, the crystal vase from my brother’s wedding, the exquisite chopsticks I bought in Japan, the hand-painted platters I gingerly carried back from Turkey. You get the picture.

Do you hear yourself saying, “I’m saving this for a special occasion?” Or, do you say, “I’ll take those out for guests someday?”

I’m here to tell you that your “special occasion” is here. It’s TODAY. And, the guest of honor has arrived. It’s YOU. Take those diamond earrings out of the safe. Take Grandma’s good china out of storage. Take your Tuxedo or your father’s cufflinks out of that dusty box, just because.

Take yourself out of second position and step into the occasion – every day.

Our lives are filled with beautiful things we receive or buy, yet we never give them life. They stay carefully wrapped in the cupboard. They get stuck in our paradigms of how things “should” be. They become clutter, instead of the pleasure or treasure they truly are.

It’s time to get out of the “rules and conventions” of how to live, how to wear things, how to be.It’s time to live in and radiate your joy, your gifts, your success.

As we look ahead to the second half of this year, look ahead with a vision of yourself surrounded by the people and things you love, old and new. Give them an appropriately esteemed, active, daily place in your life. Give them the opportunity to be a reflection of you, your life, your loves. Make them a celebration of your life’s story.

It’s time to see yourself as the shining, brilliant star that you are. Celebrate yourself. You are the occasion.

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You know I love to hear from you!

Until next time, be nice to your self,


Do You Believe in Magic? Magic Outfits That Is!

Close your eyes. Please. Just for a few seconds. Visualize your wardrobe closet. You know, the place you go to first thing every morning. The place where you begin your day. The place where all your personal ghouls, goblins, devils and demons dwell.

Now, envision the first five items hanging on the right hand side. How many of them are your faves? How many of those five do you reach for over and over again when you need to dress to impress? All five? Two? Zero?

Let’s move on to the next five garments. How many of those did you purchase on your own because you love them? Feel great in them? Know they flatter you? Reach for them time after time? All five? Two? Zero?

Open your eyes. Thank you for playing.

Now, what would happen if EVERY outfit in your closet were a MAGIC OUTFIT? Magic Outfits are the ones you reach for time-after-time. The ones that work for you – overtime! They’re the ones that get you compliments and unsolicited positive pubic opinion every time! I know you may have one or two in there somewhere right now. But, would it be easier for you to begin each day feeling fresh and fabulous if anything you reached for from your closet made you look great, feel great and functioned for you throughout your day? That would be a giant “YES, Lauren!”

Of course, I’m going insist that you start by clearing out all those ghouls, goblins, devils and demons that don’t serve you. Gift them, donate them or burn them – as you wish. Now, look at those remaining garments that you love, those that love you right back. What is it about them that works so well? Is it the color? The cut? The fabric? The feel?

It’s time to shop your closet like a private boutique. Re-mix your fave pieces into combos that you’ve never seen before. You’ll be thrilled with the results.

Here is my 4-STEP FORMULA for creating more magic in your life – magic outfits that is!

1. Does it FUNCTION for you in your life and lifestyle? Does it go where you go from sun-up to lights-out?

2. Does it FIT you and only you? I know you bought it off-the-rack. But, has it been tailored to your body, making it uniquely yours?

3. Does it FLATTER you? Do you hear nice things all day long that sound like, “You look amazing!” “Have you lost weight?” “Do you have a new love in your life?”

4. Does it FEEL great? Do you feel great in it? Does it feel good to the touch? Does it make you feel fabulous?

If you answer “YES!” to all the above, it’s a keeper! Now, mix it, match it and march yourself out for all the world to see – the very best version of you!

You know I love to hear from you!

Until next time, be nice to your self,