A Sampling of the Year Ahead…

Yes, it’s January. No, I have no idea how it got to be January – again. I recall August. Then, I must have blinked. And, now it’s January. You, too? Thank goodness. I thought I was the only one.

As I fill in the appointments, trips, people, places and occasions I see ahead in January alone, I feel myself getting very excited for this new year. The little voice in my head is saying, “Yes! Yes! Let’s get to it, already!” I like that.

At-a-glance, I can see new clients, returning clients, prospective clients, speaking engagements, tele-summits, educational immersions, requests for future event participation, travel, friends and family time, a three year old birthday and a weekend of dog-sitting. And, it’s only the fourth day of this year.

Would all that overwhelm you? Not me. I’m energized and curious to see what’s around the bend. I’m not wishing it to come or pass any sooner than it will. I know beyond a doubt that this year is different. It feels different. I feel different. That’s good. I like it already.

I wish you a year filled with wonder and excitement. I wish you new discoveries and delights every day. I wish you time for yourself, for loved ones, for creating, sharing and growing. I wish that when you look back to today at this same time next year, you love what you see, who you see and the journey you took to get there.

Let me know how it’s going for you. You know I always love to hear from you.

Until next time, be nice to your self,