A is for April. A is for Action. Let’s Go.

Go! Go! Go! And, Go some more…

A quick review of my calendar would lead you to think that I’m a very busy person. Of the nine days I spent between Washington, DC and Chicago five were business, two were family and one was travel. That included the 14-hour day with my client who flew in from Bermuda for an a.m. photo shoot followed by ten hours of wardrobe building (shopping.) Now, that’s Action!

Sending her home with a complete wardrobe from black tie to the boardroom and the beach – dresses, slacks, jeans, tops, shoes, bags, jewelry, intimates – we covered it all, knowing that fab photos would follow to complete the process. Yes, it was a long day. And, we were actively inspired from sun-up to lights-out. Those are special days, indeed.

Back west, I returned to an intimate Ladies Night Out at a local boutique. I talked about the opportunities for each of us to find our signature style and perfect fit in this collection that I love for its ease, elegance and whimsy. Check it out here.

And, what would make the month complete? An in-home jewelry show of glitz, glam and fab fashion pieces at incredibly affordable prices. There truly was something for everyone. I know you’ll want to see for yourself, so check it out here.

Over the last year, I’ve had the honor and privilege of participating in a monthly by-invitation dinner attended by people who take action — names you would know — actors, directors, producers, authors, photographers, painters, motivational speakers, business professionals and others who are constantly striving to achieve their next level, whatever that is for them. Compared to them, I often feel like I’m living my life in slow motion. They inspire me to stay focused and stay the course. The one lesson that stands out for me above all else is Take Action. That’s what successful people do. Each of them continues to take action on a daily basis to move them closer to their current and ever-changing goals. Check out Next Level Live. There may be a nugget of information or a new relationship waiting to take you to your next level.

When I say Go! Go! Go! And, Go some more, I’m not kidding. Take action and let me know what wonderful new levels of life, love and purpose are showing up for you. You know I love to hear from you.

Until next time, be nice to your self,